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Otherwise, it's the Mundane Utility of the Most Common Superpower.

Compare Trouser Space (the general equivalent for a male character, though females can do it too), Ass Shove, Unorthodox Holstering, Torpedo Tits.

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In season 12, the “saboteur” was evicted first, and in season 15, the audience was given the power to vote for an MVP when there was a fan favorite’s sibling in the house.

I did like how a bunch of us weaponized Elissa [Slater], though.

We caught up with five former winners – Dan Gheesling, Derrick Levasseur, Andy Herren, Will Kirby, and Rachel Reilly – to talk about what it takes to make it to the end and walk away with $500K. Sit back, gauge who you like and who you can trust, and work with those people.

We covered everything from strategy and alliances, to twists, showmances, and yes, even another potential All-Stars season. Rachel: I always tell newbies to give it their all, play with their hearts, be themselves, don’t put on a show, and compete like every competition you could go home! If you’re a good social player, those players will also gravitate toward you, even if they’re in an alliance that formed immediately.

And the twist that saved both Rachel and Jordan [Lloyd] in season 13 was so shockingly, blatantly unfair that I remember watching and being like, “Wow, this sucks.” Ugh, now that I’m thinking about it, many twists are either unfair or not well thought out.

The twists in season 12 and season 15 were so poorly planned.

A woman hides a plot-sensitive item close to her heart—or more accurately, between her (usually large) breasts. Lends a whole new meaning to the term "breast pocket". Occasionally even small pets get stored there (well, it's warmer than a shoulder).

Related to the Double Standard, since a man can't reach down there without hilarity ensuing (consequently, women often stuff a small object down there to keep a man from getting at it). Such cleavage critters are usually harmlessly cute; if they're longer than they are wide, you can bet they're going to be used for blatant fanservice sooner or later.

It’s more interesting to me to see how people react to the twists as opposed to what the twist is.

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