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When the country experienced food shortages in 1977, the "new people" suffered the most.

The medical care available to them was primitive or nonexistent.

Khieu Samphan and Khieu Thirith "just smiled an incredulous and superior smile." Khieu Samphan and Son Sen later boasted to Sihanouk that "we will be the first nation to create a completely communist society without wasting time on intermediate steps." Although conditions varied from region to region, a situation that was, in part, a reflection of factional divisions that still existed within the KCP during the 1970s, the testimony of refugees reveals that the most salient social division was between the politically suspect "new people," those driven out of the towns after the communist victory, and the more reliable "old people," the poor and lower middle-class peasants who had remained in the countryside.

Despite the ideological commitment to radical equality, KCP members and the armed forces constituted a clearly recognizable elite.

A major problem is that in many countries you are allowed to buy sex; making sex trade and trafficking into a very lucrative business.

In order to stop human trafficking, we must cut off the flow of money from purchases of sexual services.

of all sex trafficking victims are under 18 years old. For example, the numbers of girls under 18 used for prostitution in Amsterdam increased from 4,000 to 15,000 in 2011.

In Switzerland it is still legal to buy sex from someone under 18.

As long as the sex buyer has no liability, it’s business as usual for the human traffickers. is the chance of an European involved in trafficking being convicted and only 1-2% of sex trafficking victims are rescued.

Statistics show that trafficked sex slaves are by far the most lucrative slaves in the world.

The number of "new people" may initially have been as high as 2.5 million. They were constantly moved, were forced to do the hardest physical labor, and worked in the most inhospitable, fever-ridden parts of the country, such as forests, upland areas, and swamps.

"New people" were segregated from "old people," enjoyed little or no privacy, and received the smallest rice rations.

The goal is for all countries to have a law prohibiting buying sex like the one we have in Sweden and the one France just recently adopted.

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