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He refused to attend the ceremonies and gave the thumb up gesture to the whole idea.Brian quickly found a job and made a down payment on his first car.It is not correct to judge Brian’s life as being wasted.

Have you ever wished for or wanted something because it would make you happy? If what you did or received didn’t bring you the happiness you anticipated – why?

I first met him in grade school; Brian always talked about being married and having two children.

On the surface his family relations may not have been very positive.

His relationships with his siblings could have contributed to his negative attitude.

From the beginning the reality of all these things was that he did not choose happiness first.

Brian disempowered himself to be happy by attaching happiness to things and events that were going to happen in the future.Brian had become quite comfortable with not being happy.So in every moment of his young life he decided he would be happy later.At some level of consciousness he chose not to be happy now, but to set a goal to be happy in the future.Judgment ignores the destiny of the spirit; what the spirit has chosen to experience; what we observe of one’s life is always appropriate in the moment.A few years into his marriage Brian was not happy, in fact he was never so miserable in his life.

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