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The origin of major igneous activity during the Cretaceous in the central Arctic (the Alpha–Mendeleev Ridge) and in the proximity of rifted margins (the so-called High Arctic Large Igneous Province—HALIP) is still debated.

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The gravity and magnetic anomaly gridded data have subsequently been used to interpret the outline of main tectonic features (including the continent-ocean boundary, COB), active and extinct plate boundaries, sutures and the extent of volcanic provinces (Fig. The lithospheric magnetic field MF6—a model derived from satellite data and downward continued at the geoid height (Maus et al.

To illustrate the distribution of short wavelength magnetic anomalies (which usually are produced by near-surface magnetized bodies), the CAMPGM magnetic anomaly map is also presented in a 3D view, draped on bathymetry and topography of the Arctic (IBCAO, Jakobsson et al. 2009)—is draped on the Bouguer anomaly (BA) of the Circum-Arctic region.

Access to the remote sensing data over the Arctic region revolutionized the way we “see” this inaccessible territory.

The high-resolution marine gravity potential fields derived from ERS-1 altimeter (e.g., Laxon and Mc Adoo 1994) were able to provide for the first time a comprehensive view over the High Arctic.

The tectonic evolution of the Arctic is among the most debated of any region on Earth (e.g. The geology is complex and working in the Arctic is logistically difficult.

Nevertheless, several factors are accelerating the growth of what is known of the region, including technological advances in geophysical data acquisition, the quest for natural resources beneath an ocean experiencing a progressive reduction in ice cover, and the United Nation's Law of the Sea Treaty.Despite several decades of research, a consensus towards a model to explain all the geological and geophysical observations has not yet been reached.There are at least half a dozen kinematic models proposed for the evolution of the Amerasia Basin (Fig.2, together with a review of Iceland plume path models and possible connections with volcanism in the High Arctic.Section 3 reviews several tomographic models and speculates on the origin of observed mantle heterogeneities.)—an enigmatic submerged area that occupies more than half of the High Arctic region.

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