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The ghosts portrayed in the movie were actual human spirits that had not yet crossed-over, and had some unfinished business with a living person (or a message they wanted to deliver before crossing-over).

Some intelligent ghosts are too emotionally attached to their loved ones that they refuse to cross-over.

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If you're new here, be sure to subscribe to Ghost Hunting Secrets for free ghost hunting tips, videos, haunted locations, and other goodies. I've received a number of questions about intelligent ghost hauntings, so let's tackle some of these questions.

Intelligent ghosts are not "evil" or "dangerous," as some people would have you believe.

"Intelligent" ghosts are simply human personalities, and if the spirit was a kind and caring person in life, the spirit will most likely be the same way in death.If it is an intelligent haunting, it seems that Mary's ghost is playful. When I was pregnant with my son who is now almost five.Sometimes close relatives who have recently died can attempt to communicate with their loved ones by turning things on and off, and acting in this manner. He was standing in the dining room with an expression of "how do I get through to these people? Looking back, I wish I had focused more on getting him crossed over than what was going to come up missing. It was father's day or something like that and I was at my brother's house for dinner with my family. So, I left and was listening to a Moby CD and just started to cry and cry and cry.Likewise, angry and mean people will usually keep those same negative character traits as spirits.An intelligent haunting can be very annoying because the spirit/ghost seeks to get the attention of living people.I received a question from a subscriber named Mary, who is experiencing some strange activity in her home.

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