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In 2015, following the lead of American Express, Visa and Master Card pulled their services from Backpage. And in open letters, 46 state attorneys general and 19 U. senators have urged Backpage to clean up its practices.

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Since the late 1990s, prostitution has largely moved online, where escorts say finding clients is safer than doing so on the streets.

But over the past several years, as the popularity of online-based sex work has grown, trafficking watchdogs and law enforcement have targeted these sites.

In a joint statement, Lacey and Larkin said the charges violated the First Amendment, among other things.

Those involved in the crusade against Backpage say they hope the pending cases will lead to the site’s long-awaited demise.

That woman introduced her to another pimp, who forced her to sell her body on Backpage.com, a classifieds website similar to Craigslist.

She worked several times per day, and her pimp kept all money.

Norma Manzo and Greg Reese work to set up a “date” with a person who advertised on

They are in a team of about a dozen people who reach out to young women engaged in the commercial sex industry.

Besides Natalie, women who said they were trafficked through Backpage filed lawsuits in 20, but they were unsuccessful.

Washington state, Tennessee and New Jersey passed laws against making it possible to advertise sex with a minor; the courts overturned them. Senate published a nearly 200-page investigation it had conducted into Backpage, and in March the Senate held the site in contempt after it failed to respond to a subpoena.

“Natalie” is now suing the classifieds website for its role in her ordeal.

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