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Using AWS Greengrass Machine Learning Inference, you can easily perform machine learning inference locally on connected devices using models that are built and trained in the cloud. Watch Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, announce AWS Io T 1-Click.AWS Io T 1-Click is a service that makes it easy for simple devices to trigger AWS Lambda functions that execute specific actions like calling technical support or reordering good and services.Dell EMC’s unique cloud-optimized data protection architecture provided this, while enhancing both scale and performance—at the lowest total cost of ownership compared to industry leaders.

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Learn more about AWS Greengrass Machine Inference at - Ij N.

Watch Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, announce AWS Greengrass Machine Learning Inference.

With the current cybersecurity skills gap that many enterprises experience today, the ability to quickly and effectively audit, recommend, and automatically fix the entire network security architecture is critical.

Fortinet expands upon existing AWS platform security controls (IAM, segmentation, network ACLs) with advanced security capabilities (IPS, DLP, App Control, Web Filtering, Hybid VPN, Threat Research).

Session sponsored by Fortinet At re: Invent 2017, AWS announced the preview of Amazon Aurora Serverless, where Aurora will automatically adjust database capacity to match your application needs. q= V0A9Tn IE0FJ32q Czs Z058MTUx Mj Qy Nj Ay N0Ax NTEy Mz M5Nj I3&v=Q0cq Kl6kt Ig&event=video_description This new serverless architecture will save you time and money by automatically adjusting database capacity to match your application needs.

The preview is for the My SQL-compatible edition of Amazon Aurora.

Amazon Neptune supports popular graph models Apache Tinker Pop and W3C's RDF, and their associated query languages Tinker Pop Gremlin and RDF SPARQL, allowing you to easily build queries that efficiently navigate highly connected datasets.

Neptune powers graph use cases such as recommendation engines, fraud detection, knowledge graphs, drug discovery, and network security.

However, the rate at which AI can improve healthcare depends on how quickly the industry and healthcare leaders embrace it.

Innovating with artificial intelligence marries art and science; and requires care and persistence throughout the change cycle.

Learn more about AWS Io T Device Defender at - KH.

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