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It is not wise to report to us if you have sent money to someone. The reason is simple: If no one ever offers/sends money, no one will ever ask for money.People offering/sending money are creating a marketplace for beggars and scammers, and we don't want this in our site.

You can delete your profile / account from this link. It's important that you are using a strong password and that you keep it safe at all times.

Please note that deleted accounts cannot be restored, and that all messages sent to and from deleted accounts also will be deleted. If someone else gets hold of your password we will not be able to give your profile/account back to you, and you may be held responsible for all actions made with the use of your profile/account. If you really want another username you will have to delete your old account and create a new one. We really like big photos (small and unclear photos will not be approved), but the upload must complete within 10 minutes, or our servers will time out.

After all, would it make sense to spend most of our time and resources trying to accommodate the demands of those with extreme views? We believe our policies are fair and reasonable, and we do try to enforce them strictly. Just like the police enforces laws in real life, we police this site.

Because why would we want trolls, prostitutes, their clients, and other "riff-raff" in our site? Let's think of a situation where you are speeding in the traffic, stopped by the police, and fined.

This means that usually (but not always) more than one complaint has to be made against a member before action is taken. Please do NOT ask your friends to report the same member to speed up this process as this will be detected by us and will count as false reporting.

Reports made from motives such as revenge and jealousy will also count as false reporting.

Please note that if you do not delete your old account first, our system will detect duplicate profiles, block them all, and even prevent you from signing up again in the future. When they do so, the messages sent to and from those accounts are also deleted. If that happens to you, please try to use a faster internet connection or reduce the size of the photo.

If someone sent you a message and you got notified by email, and then he or she deleted his or her account, you will not be able to read the message sent to you. We do this to ensure good quality and consistency of profile photos.

However, please be aware that we do not screen all members of this site and we do not inquire into the backgrounds of all members or attempt to verify their statements.

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