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Autumn 2007 Irrigation Systems, Field Evaluations Sites, Eyewash Stations, Check Valve Discs, Strainers Summer 2007 Cooling Towers, 10th Edition- Equipment, Orientation of Assemblies, Backflow Industry Product Fair and Painting Assemblies Spring 2007 Industrialized Water Lines, Repairing an Approved Assembly, Fire Hydrants, Tenth Edition Update, Traveling Training Courses Winter 2007 Swimming Pool Fill Lines, CEU’s & Foundation Training Courses, Complaint Process, Orientation of Assemblies, Field Testing the SVB Summer 2006 Direct vs Indirect Cross-Connections, Is My Field Test Kit Leaking?

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Summer 2016 Explaining what the term 'drip' means in the field test procedure for the double check valve backflow prevention assembly, how assemblies should be maintained when installed on recycle water systems, what additions to the test cock invalidate USC approval and a preview of the 2017 training schedule.

Spring 2016 Understanding detector assemblies, rotating assemblies on their axes, testing vertical assemblies, webinars on demand, a guide to certification requirements in Southern California.

Members of the USC Foundation receive a subscription to Cross Talk, a quarterly newsletter, which informs members of the latest news concerning backflow and cross-connection control.

Cross Talk becomes an invaluable source of information and is a primary tool that the USC Foundation uses to communicate to its members directly. USC Foundation members are mailed the latest copy of Cross Talk every quarter.

Spring 2016: Includes articles about the composition of backflow prevention detector assemblies and how to record their field test results.

Plus, articles about testing assemblies that are installed vertically, an overview of the webinars on demand series and a guide to certification requirements in Southern California.

Winter 2016: Includes articles about how a recycled or grey water system may inadvertently create the possibility of cross-connections, installing a backflow prevention assembly in a vault or pit, using the Microsoft Excel version of the USC List and the reasons why the USC Foundation does not have a "Seal of Approval." Autumn 2015: Includes articles about preparing assemblies for freezing temperatures, complimentary webinars for Foundation members, testing detector assemblies and USC student scholarship recipients.

Summer 2015: Includes articles about the results of oversizing a backflow prevention assembly.

Summer 2014 A look at the USC Foundation’s last 70 years, plus articles about field testing temporary assemblies, asking the question whether a failed assembly prevents backflow and looking at the Approval of Backflow Preventers brochure.

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